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La Pastatina bio trasparente

Pastatina bio is puffed a light pasta snack

from pasta trasparente

Pastatina Bio is organic puffed pasta, available both natural and in various "coatings" (oil and salt, rosemary pesto, garlic oil and chilli pepper). Organic Pastatina is not fried, no flavors and preservatives are added but only spices to make it even tastier and more digestible. Pastatina bio is a product of Coop Campo and is available in PAPER packaging, always because Coop Campo as well as being attentive to organic food is equally attentive to PLASTIC FREE. Coop Campo and it is available in PAPER packaging, again because Coop Campo, in addition to being attentive to organic products, is equally attentive to PLASTIC FREE.

Coop Campo after having conceived the canned organic tomato (1981) e CANU’ straws, la cannuccia di pasta biologica anche in versione gluten free nel 2018, presenta nel 2020 La Pastatina Bio…


Ready to use.

For everyone: adults and children.

With gluten and gluten free.

Seasoned or neutral, to be seasoned as desired.

Not fried, not cooked: it's puffed.

No additives, no preservatives, long shelf life.

Less starch: better digestibility.

It seemed impossible to reinvent pasta, 

with Pastatina we have succeeded.

You can use it for meal 

or as a snack to get energy.

Ideal for a happy and guilt-free break, 

because it is a real alternative to French fries.

Eat pasta without cooking anything and adding nothing: 

a dream in every pantry.

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